President Obama accepted VA head Eric Shinseki’s resignation today. In spite of Obama promising years ago to repair the broken VA system, the Washington Post’s Greg Sargent used the situation as an opportunity to criticize Republicans:

Sargent also retweeted this attempt to blame the VA scandal on GOP underfunding:


And the old computers! Don’t forget to blame blame the old computers!

Sargent trivializing the scandal as just “one thing” gone wrong didn’t sit well with many:

The National Journal’s Ron Fournier issued a reminder that among Obama’s campaign promises was a pledge to fix the VA:

Here’s what Sargent had to say about that:

Expecting a politician to keep a promise is raising the leadership bar? It is if said president is a liberal Democrat.

Amazement was not in short supply:

Fournier had a good question for Sargent:

“Journalism”? Pfft.