A book written by French economist Thomas Piketty, “Capital in the Twenty-First Century,” has served as an inspiration to progressives calling for wealth redistribution. However, an analysis by the Financial Times found problems with Piketty’s inequality data:

The Financial Times found that Piketty’s book uses “cherry-picked” data and contains “a series of errors that skew his findings.”

Progressives such as Elizabeth Warren and Paul Krugman have hailed the “evidence” Piketty presented in his book which they say supports a call to redistribute the wealth of people not named Elizabeth Warren and Paul Krugman.


Some are judging without knowing, according to Vox’s Matt Yglesias:


It’ll all probably be “Voxsplained” very soon:

Piketty has responded:

Possible explanation for the alleged discrepancies in Piketty’s data?


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