The website of “Glamour” is running an article titled “Gun Extremists Are Stalking, Threatening, and Spitting on Pro-Gun-Control Women”:

The article contains some harsh accounts, so Dana Loesch asked the author, Tanya Edwards, if she vetted the stories, which came from sources such as Mother Jones and the Michael Bloomberg-funded Everytown for Gun Safety:

It’s fair enough to ask a writer a question about how a supposedly factual story was vetted, isn’t it?

Guess not:

Troll? Well then. So is that a yes, or a no?

Most people following that conversation assumed the non-response equated to an answer of “no” to Loesch’s fairly straightforward question:

An irony in the “Glamour” contributor’s “troll” accusation was spotted:


Update: The author of the article at Glamour’s website apologized to Loesch:

Editor’s note: A spelling error has been corrected in the title of this post.

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