Obtaining documents from the “most transparent administration” in history sure seems to be a difficult and painstaking process, but former CBS News reporter Sharyl Attkisson, who found a “smoking gun” in recently released Benghazi emails, notes that progress is being made:

Attkisson writes on her website that Judicial Watch has started receiving documents related to the Obamacare website train wreck:

Judicial Watch may be first to know the most about healthcare.gov information that the government has been keeping secret. Under court order, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has begun giving documents to the conservative watchdog group.

Like Judicial Watch, I filed numerous Freedom of Information (FOI) requests with HHS last fall when it became clear that government agencies were withholding public information after the website’s disastrous Oct. 1, 2013 launch. While the government has yet to respond properly to my FOI requests, Judicial Watch’s experienced legal team got busy and filed suit against the government for its lack of response.

Attkisson has in the past hammered the White House for withholding information on both Benghazi and HealthCare.gov.


If only the mainstream media knew and/or cared such things were possible:



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