and the Chicago Tribune have reported that obtained emails show that CNN coordinated with Rahm Emanuel’s aides on production of the documentary series “Chicagoland” in order to make the Windy City mayor look like a “star”:

The emails tell the story of a cable news network coordinating with the mayor of a failing city who is also a rising Democrat star. The apparent goal of “Chicagoland” was for CNN to use its resources as a way to portray the “mayor in a positive light” at a national level and showcase Emanuel “as the star he really is.”

According to the Tribune, details were coordinated down to camera angles.

Making Rahm Emanuel a TV “star” generated an idea:

And #CNNRahmComs was born.

The idea of sitcoms and dramas styled around Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel caught on quickly:

Here’s a #CNNRahmcom with a special guest star:


Editor’s note: This post has been updated to correct a spelling error in Emanuel’s last name.