The tolerance brigade is back and attempting to influence corporate leadership once again. File hosting service Dropbox recently announced that Condoleezza Rice had been chosen to sit on the company’s board of directors.

That move didn’t sit well with many from the progressive human resources department, and there’s a petition demanding Rice be removed from the Dropbox board:

Some claim to have issues with Rice’s past approval of wire tapping when she served in the Bush administration, and we can’t help but wonder how many of those objecting to her new job at Dropbox voted for Obama:

However, there is also support for Dropbox:

For many, their opposition to Dropbox’s newest board member boils down to two words: “War criminal!”

Speaking of “war,” why in the world doesn’t an attempt to keep a single, black female out of the corporate board room fall under the “war on women” umbrella?

Rice will have to get the “D” after her name if she’s going to get the free pass from the tolerance brigade.