Sounds ridiculous, right? But not when we’re talking about a trillion-dollar health care law.

President Obama announced on a conference call today that enrollment for Obamacare has topped the six million mark:

The victory parade got rolling fast among the Democrats:

If Harry Reid says so, it’s got to be true, right?

Some in the press helped pass along the number:

The Obama administration released no other evidence to support the number.

Certainly not that one.

Also kept under wraps by the White House:

Feel the transparency!

None of those questions are answered in the HHS story touting six million enrollments:

Apparently there are a lot of data points that aren’t either worth tracking or sharing publicly.

The absence of any substantial information might suffice for a good deal of the mainstream media, but for others it was cause for skepticism:

That would appear to be the plan.

At least @HealthCareTara got her days right this time: