Fear not, America, because Matt Yglesias, now executive editor of Ezra Klein’s Vox.com, claims the U.S. debt isn’t that much, and the government can’t run out of money anyway because it can just print more:


At the start of the video, a graphic states that the U.S. debt held by the public is $12.5 trillion, however, Yglesias’ voice-over claims “the United States’ national debt is $12.5 trillion.”

Many took issue:


Yglesias then danced around criticism from @Patterico:

Clarifying it by re-cutting and replacing the misleading audio was apparently too much.

One of Vox.com’s sponsors is General Electric, which is a company that Yglesias and Ezra Klein have lambasted in the past, meaning that turnabout is fair play:

Times sure have changed.

Even assuming the debt is $12.5 trillion, here’s a good question:

We’ll wait for an answer.