Appearing on CBS’ “Face the Nation” Sunday morning, Mitt Romney criticized the Obama administration’s “naivete” on Russia:

“Well, there’s no question but that the president’s naivete with regards to Russia, and his faulty judgment about Russia’s intentions and objectives, has led to a number of foreign policy challenges that we face. And unfortunately, not having anticipated Russia’s intentions, the president wasn’t able to shape the kinds of events that may have been able to prevent the kinds of circumstances that you’re seeing in the Ukraine, as well as the things that you’re seeing in Syria,” Romney said.

During the 2012 campaign, President Obama and the Dems mocked Mitt Romney for “Cold War thinking” after Romney had referred to Russia as America’s “number one geopolitical foe.”

Donna Brazile said Romney’s criticism indicated a lack of leadership:

If Russia demonstrated aggression in 2008, why were the Dems slamming Romney in 2012 for Cold War-era thinking for suggesting Russia still posed a threat?

Some tweeters reminded Brazile that Obama is no stranger to the criticism and blame game:

Remember when being critical was a good thing?

That’s so 2007.