Debbie Wasserman Schultz, along with other spin-mode Dems, have been downplaying Republican David Jolly’s victory in the race for the vacant congressional seat in Florida’s 13th district. Judging by the network news coverage of that story, the “old school” media agree there’s “nothing to see here”:

As the Media Research Center reported, the mainstream networks didn’t mention the David Jolly victory at all in their evening newscasts the day after the election, and barely found time to talk about it elsewhere:

CBS was the only network to report on the race Tuesday evening, but even they were nowhere to be seen the night after. Correspondent Nancy Cordes had made it clear Tuesday that the race had serious implications: “Both parties see this race as a referendum on the President’s health care law.”
ABC and NBC combined for a whopping 33 seconds of coverage on the election on Tuesday and Wednesday, with zero mention of it on their evening newscasts.

A GOP win in a tight race that many considered a referendum on Obamacare? Yawn.

If Democrat Alex Sink had won that election, the networks might still be on the air airing stories about was a waste of money it is to even go forward with the November elections.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated for clarity.