A new Gallup poll regarding the popularity, or lack thereof, of Obamacare found only 17 percent of Democrats saying the ACA has “helped” them.

Sarah Kliff, formerly of the Washington Post and now with Ezra Klein’s “Project X,” put a spin on those numbers. Kliff said that it’s not necessarily bad that only 17 percent of Dems say the law “helped” them:

So, the law hasn’t touched the lives of a lot of people yet, and therefore hasn’t “helped” many, hence the low approval number?

Wasn’t the original Obamacare sales pitch that it would help almost everybody? From premium reductions…

To the “you can keep your plan” Lie of the Year

Millions of cancellation letters and untold increased premiums later, it isn’t difficult in the least to understand the latest Gallup poll. No administration-style spin necessary.