chief meteorologist and outspoken critic of Al Gore-style global warming “science,” Joe Bastardi, tweeted a link to a Bloomberg News article about attempts to determine “why the rate of global warming has eased in the past 20 years while greenhouse-gas emissions have surged to a record”:

In other words, those “scientists” are trying to figure out why the planet isn’t cooperating with their scare mongering rhetoric.

Bastardi blasted the authors of the study for “discovering” what’s been known for decades and re-shaping the findings of others to fit their agenda:

The 1970’s was of course back when there was an ice age scare instead of global warming.


Bastardi adds this:


Correction: The original version of this post indicated that Mr. Bastardi was a forecaster with Accuweather. Bastardi is a meteorologist with Twitchy apologizes for the error.