In a “Face the Nation” interview on CBS this morning, Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-MD), addressing claims made in the memoir written by former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, said that President Obama always has second thoughts before sending troops into harm’s way. Cummings then went further, taking the opportunity to slam George W. Bush:

Here’s the quote, via Weasel Zippers (video at link):

CUMMINGS: He comments about the president being concerned about having second thoughts at times about putting our troops in harm’s way. I know the president. I know he cares about these troops. That’s basically what the secretary has said, so I’m glad he did that — I’m glad he maybe had second thoughts. And I can not say that was the situation always with President Bush.

Disgusting. And leave it to the Maryland Democrat to insert George W. Bush into the answer of a question about Gates and Obama.

This seems to be basically what Cummings was saying: