Roland Martin decided to do some unjustified race-baiting by asking why people who cared about Terry Schiavo aren’t as vocal about the case of Jahi McMath in California. However, Martin had a little trouble with McMath’s first name, as evidenced by this deleted tweet:


If you’re going to insinuate that you care more than others, it’s probably a good idea to do extra proof-reading to get the subject’s name right before publishing.

Martin published a tweet with the correct spelling of McMath’s first name:

Instead of backing up his assertion that people who fought for Terry Schiavo are silent about Jahi McMath, Martin pretended the whole problem was because of his typo:

A simple typo?

Martin continued to focus on the issue of his typo:

It’s not just the typo. Martin’s claim that people who fought for Terry Schiavo but are silent about Jahi McMath is just plain wrong. Two pieces of evidence to the contrary can be found here and here. Martin could find more by doing a simple search, but what he’d find would destroy his assumption.

But wait, it got even better. In an attempt to defend himself, Martin did it again by mis-spelling the name of missing Michigan doctor Teleka Patrick:

Teleka Patrick.

It might be time for Roland Martin to put down the Twitter and call it a day.


The more attention, the better: