White House senior communications adviser Tara McGuinness does her best to shamelessly but futilely spin the Obamacare train wreck into something resembling good news. It’s generally agreed that the rollout has been a disaster, so you’d think @HealthCareTara would have other things to worry about. Instead, she’s decided to help Americans make the right food choices on Thanksgiving:

For the above picture they used the light bulb that never goes off over anybody’s head during meetings on how to fix HealthCare.gov.

As it turned out, nobody was up for a lecture on portion control, but many were up for some mockery:

If portion size is down this year, here’s a possible reason.

When it comes to artificially controlling portion sizes, nobody has done a better job than the Obama administration.

Naturally, any Thanksgiving dinner advice from the Obama administration is accompanied by this promise:

In closing, we were warned: