Today, MSNBC’s Touré had as a guest Isaac Yeffet, an Israeli security expert. They were discussing airport security in the wake of the shootings at LAX and how Israel’s techniques differ from the U.S. when Toure let loose with this (partial transcript follows video):

Touré: What would you have American airports do differently. That somebody should not be able to enter the building at all until they’ve been checked, or…

Yeffet: No, no. This is not a jail that people are coming to, the airport. They should not suffer. We can train people to be able to identify suspicious … people that are coming to the terminal, from the sidewalk into the terminal, and wherever they want to move.

Touré: That sounds a little bit like profiling, right? And I know that in Israel that might be easier than in an multi-racial country like America…


It might surprise Touré, but there are ways to “profile” other than by race:

Touré immediately assumed Israel’s “profiling” is racially based, because, well, that’s what Touré does.



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