All anybody had to do was read the Affordable Care Act to know what was going to happen, and yet this is now being reported like it’s breaking news even though Obamacare was signed into law over three years ago:

Not that it’s necessary, but if there was ever any more evidence that the media was in the tank for Obama, it’s the fact that a good portion of the MSM has completely ignored this inevitable effect of Obamacare until it started to outgrow the wraps they were trying to keep it under.

Report that news before the election? Haha! Good one!

So, which member of the MSM who has had this great awakening when it comes to reporting the effects of Obamacare will be the first to ask the president if he cares to take this back?

Or if the hypothetical reporter in question is feeling really brave, he or she might venture into this territory:

We won’t hold our breath.