Florida Rep. Alan Grayson recently sent out a KKK-themed fundraising email which compared the Tea Party to the Ku Klux Klan.

The analogy was too much for even some on the Left, and during an appearance on MSNBC, race-baiting slimewad Grayson was called out by liberal host Martin Bashir. Grayson then inferred that Bashir is a Tea Party “collaborator.” No, really.

Grayson did pretty much say just that. Here’s the video with partial transcript:

Bashir: The point I’m simply making to you is that, is it appropriate to use such heinous crimes and to analogize them when describing the Tea Party when you and I know members of the Tea Party have not perpetrated murders or lynchings.

Grayson: And the point I’m making to you, Martin, is that if you don’t speak out against it then in effect you’re collaborating with it. And in fact, if you give somebody like me a hard time for speaking out against it, then maybe you’re collaborating with it.

Shorter version of that debate:

Bashir: The Tea Party has never done anything remotely resembling the KKK.

Grayson: And we’ve got to call them out on it, collaborator!

In summary:



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