If desperate spin were health insurance, everybody would be covered by now:

This ridiculously non-ironic “isn’t it ironic” spin first started with David Axelrod, and now the “White House Director of Progressive Media and Online Response,” Jesse Lee, is using the argument.

Many tweeters, not unlike people trying to create an account at HealthCare.gov, just can’t buy it:

Warning that something would result in a train wreck and later pointing out that it appears to be resulting in a train wreck is neither ironic nor hypocritical, no matter how hard they spin that top.

According to White House flacks such as Lee and Axelrod, the new scapegoat for the Obamacare implementation incompetence is going to be “unforeseen hypocritical demand for the product from the Right.” No doubt some mainstream media outlets will consider that argument reasonable enough not to question.