Yes, retractions of demands for a correction from Fox News have been issued. Confused? You’re not alone.

Earlier today, some news outlets, including Fox News, reported incorrectly that Florida Rep. Bill Young had died. Retractions and corrections ensued, including from Fox News, but some “real reporters,” including Politico’s Dylan Byers, in an apparent rush to single out Fox News for not being “real reporters,” claimed the cable net hadn’t yet issued a retraction:

But wait, had Fox News already issued a correction?

A correction on a demand for a correction was then issued:

The comic scene of a media outlet issuing a correction to its demand for a correction caught the eye of Musket Morgan:

Pass the popcorn.

Byers should take that advice to the bank, because when it comes to “rushing to judgment,” Morgan knows what he’s talking about.

Yet another Politico reporter also claimed Fox News hadn’t issued a correction:

Before discovering they had:

Ditto for a New York Times reporter:

But upon actually checking:

The safest bet is not believing a word from any “real reporter” before checking it out for yourself.