Newark, N.J., mayor and Senate candidate Cory Booker has allegedly exchanged Twitter DMs with a Portland, Oregon, stripper who works at a vegan strip club.

A New York Times reporter, smelling “Pulitzer” in the air, contacted the woman on Twitter:

The stripper in question received the following advice:

Much snark was directed towards the Times reporter in question:

Hey, it’s not the Times reporter’s fault he was assigned to the “vegan strip club strippers who have had DM chats with well known politicians” beat:

A career in writing political slogans awaits!

The woman used the opportunity for some Booker fundraising:

And now she’s getting phone calls:

Hmm, who could that be?

One thing’s for sure: This Booker “friend” seems a lot more real than T-Bone.

So far, this has been Booker’s response: