Ah, business as usual on Twitter.

Eric Boehlert and Instapundit Glenn Reynolds got into a debate after Media Matters published Boehlert’s article claiming that, among other things, the notion that armed private citizens can stop mass shootings is pretty much a myth.

A tweeter made this remark:

Boehlert chimed in:

Instapundit speculated:

Texas police officers are credited with delivering the fatal shots to shooter Charles Whitman that day, but armed citizens did play a role, as Instapundit made clear:

That’s true. This is from a CNN article:

As Martinez and Crum headed to the top floor, Martinez found out Crum was a civilian and quickly deputized him. They had to step over the bodies to make their way up to the Tower’s observation deck. Down below, armed citizens shot back with their deer rifles, offering resistance to the shots fired from above.

The response was definitely a team effort between police and private citizens.

We think that “willful dishonesty” is in Media Matters’ mission statement.


One final note: In his article, Boehlert did not bother to ask how many armed citizens prevented shootings from becoming mass shootings, and there are examples. But why cloud the narrative with all of the available information?