Florida Pastor Terry Jones, who gained notoriety in 2010 for planning to burn Qurans, has been arrested, reportedly for hauling thousands of “kerosene-soaked Qurans” in his truck:

Here’s are a couple of pictures from Jones’ arrest:


From the Orlando Sentinel:

Jones, 61, was arrested on felony charges after a traffic stop near a pharmacy in Mulberry in Polk County just before 5 p.m. Deputies did not specify what charges Jones will face.

Polk County Sheriff’s deputies have not confirmed the details of the arrest, but media reports say Jones was riding in a pickup truck with nearly 2,998 kerosene-soaked Qurans inside the truck bed. He was also towing a large barbecue grill behind his truck, the Tampa Tribune reported.

What’s the charge?

Reports are saying that, yes, Jones was arrested because of the potential for a hazard, though we’re not yet aware of the specific charge.


Twitchy will update this story as more details become available.



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