Earlier this year it was learned that the IRS had spend a reported $60,000 to produce a “Star Trek” spoof video for a training seminar.

As CBS News’ Sharyl Attkisson and Fox News’ Chad Pergram pointed out today on Twitter, the House Ways and Means Committee obtained and released two more videos the IRS produced. One video is a spoof of “The Apprentice,” and the other is a “behind the scenes” video showing the rather ridiculous lengths they have gone to in order to produce silly videos for meetings.

The funniest thing about “The Apprentice” spoof that cost $10,000 to produce is that in the video somebody complains about budget cuts. No, really:

Then there’s a “behind the scenes” video, showing how IRS “actors” were able to get their inner Gloria Swanson on and prepare for close-ups with professional makeup, wardrobe and all the trimmings:

In addition to the above IRS waste, Lois Lerner remains on paid leave.

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