As Twitchy previously reported, U.S. Senate candidate and Newark Mayor Cory Booker has been caught lying about an imaginary “thug” friend named “T-Bone.”

@RBPundit tweeted NBC News’ Chuck Todd, who is that network’s political director, to find out if he was going to mention the story.

A tweet was returned from one of the reporters some Americans rely on for the latest news:

Apparently seeing tweets about a U.S. Senate candidate’s alleged imaginary friend didn’t generate enough interest in NBC’s political director to warrant a quick Google search on the topic.

We’ll have to wait and see if Todd considers it newsworthy now that he knows about it, but we’re not holding our breath. Credit to Todd though for at least acknowledging the tip.

After some ribbing about being NBC’s political director and having to be tipped off on a story about a U.S. Senate candidate by some “just a blogger” types, Todd replied that he’s got too much going on to be able to keep up with all the imaginary friends of everybody in politics:

One explanation for why the mainstream press may shrug off this story:

A Notre Dame football player made up a girlfriend and it quickly exploded into national news. A U.S. Senate candidate made up a “troubled thug friend” in stump speeches and the story still hasn’t gained national traction.