Probably not.

Less than two weeks ago, a 27-year-old man named David Santucci was murdered in Memphis. Details via The Blaze:

A young white male was walking to his car on a city street late at night on August 12 when he was confronted by a trio of black individuals. They shot him dead. Police have arrested three people and charged them with first degree murder. But some in the victim’s family can’t understand why the shooting is being called a failed robbery when they say the evidence suggests something possibly more sinister: a hate crime.

What’s odd is that the shooting is being called a failed robbery when the victim reportedly didn’t have anything taken from him.

With the horrible recent killings of Antonio Santiago, Chris Lane, Delbert Belton and David Santucci along with the extra element of race, the “usual suspects” who enjoy whipping the public into a fury over racially-charged incidents are awfully quiet. Where is the outrage?

More than likely they just won’t say anything.

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