“Six Word War” will be a “crowdsourced war memoir” about men and women’s experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan:

Instead of a book about Iraq or Afghanistan that tells one soldier’s perspective, Six Word War is the first ‘crowdsourced’ war memoir that will tell a story different than any other ever told about war. For the first time in history, one book will contain the collective experience of our military at war in their own words.

Any veteran is invited to share their experience in Iraq or Afghanistan, but with one catch: their story can only be six words. We’ve been collecting them among our friends at www.sixwordwar.com and now we want to introduce this project to the country and put these stories into a book.

Here’s a little more background on the project:

The submissions range from poignant, to funny, heart-breaking and occasionally terrifying. Here are just a few submitted on Twitter under the hashtag #SixWordWar:



Heart wrenching:

We wish those who are behind the planned publication of “Six Word War” best of luck and great success with their project.

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