There are many on the Left who will say anything, no matter how ridiculous, to avoid admitting that Detroit is the end result of liberalism run amok.

MSNBC host Ari Melber, after acknowledging that Detroit has been run by Democrats for decades, hilariously claimed that those decades of leftist policies have magically culminated in … libertarianism.

Video below with a transcript of the “libertarian” portion:

Partial transcript: “While it suffered for years under mismanagement and corruption under many Democratic officials, today, Detroit is fast becoming the most libertarian city in the United States. In many areas there are basically no public services besides decaying roads and bombed-out infrastructure. Forty percent of the street lights don’t work at night, and that leaves a troubled city stuck in the dark. Even police and emergency services have literally become optional.”

Decades of unchecked liberalism results in libertarianism? That was a neat trick. Melber equating libertarianism with abject ruin is also pitiful.

Many tweeters knocked Melber for the ridiculous claim:

Anything to avoid admitting that unchecked liberalism has resulted in nothing more than evidence of the effects of unchecked liberalism.

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