Al Jazeera America has already poached Ali Velshi and Soledad O’Brien from CNN, and the latest report is that the network that will begin airing on some outlets in the U.S. next month has signed former CNN lefty anchor David Shuster.

As Neil Clark Warren of might say, some tweeters see multiple dimensions of compatibility:

Even though there are reports that David Shuster will join Al Jazeera America, what remains to be seen is to what degree Al Jazeera America joins America:

Here’s the real funny part:

The Times’ Brian Stelter wrote that Al Jazeera America will cover more domestic than foreign news and “operate much like CNN (though the employees say they won’t be as sensational) and Fox News (though they say they won’t be opinion-driven).”

And what better way for a network to prove they won’t be opinion driven than going out and hiring David Shuster and Soledad O’Brien?

In a separate story, Al Jazeera America also announced that their new president will be a 30 year veteran of ABC News:


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