Harvard Law School Professor Alan Dershowitz has been a fierce critic of the Florida prosecutors who brought the state’s case against George Zimmerman. Dershowitz has gone as far as saying Florida State Attorney Angela Corey should be disbarred, and that the U.S. Justice Department should investigate the prosecution for violations of George Zimmerman’s civil rights. According to Dershowitz in a recent interview, Corey tried to have him fired and recommended that he be disbarred for criticizing her.

The story is detailed in a piece by Ian Tuttle at National Review:

A couple of points made in the article:

Did anybody let Corey know that Harvard is just a tad out of her jurisdiction?

If this is all true it’s certainly ironic, because Corey’s overblown reaction to an accusation of prosecutorial overreach will have helped validate the charge.

Stay tuned and put some oil in the popper: