Actress Elizabeth Perkins latched onto Kirsten Powers’ tweet and proved that liberal women can also try and make Powers feel like she’s not in control of her body for not toeing the Left’s line on abortion:

And surely only conservative men put words into other peoples’ mouths (or tweets as it were).

Powers then responded to another tweeter: “I think I know more about how much control I have over my body than you do.” Perkins, genuinely curious how any woman who doesn’t agree with her could possibly have control over her own body unbeknownst to a random tweeter, asked a question:

Powers hasn’t responded to that question yet, but if Perkins is correct, Powers very likely doesn’t have control over her own body so we’re not sure when a response will be possible.

Lastly, just because Perkins supports the fight to keep late-term abortion legal does not mean she is pro abortion … or something: