CNN reporter Ben Wedeman is in Cairo attempting to cover the protests in Tahrir Square, but Wedeman tweeted that the situation could be too dangerous for him due to developing anti-CNN sentiment:

Some tweeters came to Wedeman’s defense and wished demonstrators wouldn’t blame the on-scene reporter for the mistakes of his network:

What set it off? Sometimes a reporter can throw his or her resume out the window if somebody back at headquarters runs the wrong graphic or pushes an incorrect button (though we’re not exactly sure what caused these errors):

CNN’s chyron department had a heck of a week. They’ve labeled anti-Morsi protesters as pro-Morsi:

CNN also mixed up Egypt’s flag and Syria’s flag:

Oh, we wouldn’t agree that nobody watches CNN:

The CNN protest isn’t confined to Egypt, either:

Maybe CNN should send Piers Morgan down to smooth things over.