Last week, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz said that under the current immigration bill, newly legalized workers would be exempt from Obamacare, which would provide employers with a “huge incentive” to hire them ahead of American citizens. A Washington Post “fact check” gave Cruz’ claim three Pinocchios, which is just one short of “total lie” status.

It turned out that Cruz was correct and that employers wouldn’t pay a penalty for hiring registered provisional immigrants (RPIs), and RPIs would be exempt from Obamacare (the three Pinocchios remained, however).

Maybe Cruz can slip the defunding amendment into the immigration bill anyway since it doesn’t appear anybody will have much time to read it. Even if some do read it, what Democrat would ever argue against “leveling the playing field” for working Americans? When it comes to defunding their beloved Obamacare, all of them.


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