When you think of Meet the Press host David Gregory, a lot of things might come to mind, but “tool of the GOP” probably isn’t one of them. Except for some, obviously.


Gregory, who knows a little about brushes with the law, interviewed Guardian reporter Glenn Greenwald about his role in reporting the Edward Snowden NSA leaks. Gregory had a question for Greenwald:


Somehow that makes Gregory a “GOP puppet” even though the last time we checked, the administration that has been snooping on reporters’ phone records and pondering charging a member of the press with crimes is fully controlled by Democrats. However, that didn’t stop some from accusing Gregory of being a shill for the Republicans:


Here’s a counter-productive argument if we ever heard one:

Exactly, and that’s why associating Gregory with The Right because of his question to Greenwald is ridiculous.

For other tweeters, it was a different story:


We’ll close with the media suggestion of the day:

Editor’s note: The headline has been changed to correct a grammatical error.