On Wednesday, Senator Ted Cruz posted the following tweet in reference to the immigration bill that’s being debated. Cruz has pointed out that employers wouldn’t pay a penalty for hiring registered provisional immigrants (RPIs), and RPIs also would not be bound by the Obamacare mandate:

After Cruz made that statement, the Washington Post “fact checker” said the Texas Senator was wrong, and gave the claim three Pinocchios:

However, the fact check was later updated to state that employers would not pay penalties for hiring RPIs. The article also states that RPIs are exempt from the Obamacare mandate.


Still, the three Pinocchios remain. According to the fact checker, even though Cruz’s claims are correct, the end result won’t be as bad as he says. In other words, it depends on what your definition of the word “huge” is.

Are they in the business of fact checking statements, or predicting the future?