We don’t see the word “odious” in a hashtag very often, so for that reason—along with so many responses being hilariously devoid of party introspection and heavy in psychological projection—below is a selection from the Left’s #notetotheodiousgop.

Peruse the selection and you’ll see there are more straw men here than you’d find at your local Scarecrow Warehouse outlet.


The previous tweet was preceded by…

We now return you to your regularly scheduled low information voter tweet-fest:


Is there even any room left for food stamp expansion?

One more:

Er, okay, if you say so.

However, since all’s fair in love, war and hashtag games, some happy warriors, and maybe even a couple of unhappy ones from philosophical parts unknown, weighed in:

We’re not sure which side this person is on, but it’s kind of funny nonetheless: