Just yesterday, New York City Council speaker and current mayoral candidate Christine Quinn’s Twitter account had about 3,400 followers. At the time of this writing, Quinn has 24,492 followers, which is roughly 10,000 more than Anthony Weiner.

City&State noticed some commonalities among Quinn’s new followers:

[A] surprising number of those new followers have a total of 0 tweets issued from their account and either 0 or 1 followers. Indeed, one need only scroll down past the top 10 or so followers on the account to find that nearly all of Quinn’s new followers have virtually the same profile: 0 tweets, 46 or 47 following, and 0 or 1 followers.

Beyond the sudden shared interest in Quinn’s campaign, these followers have other commonalities as well. For instance, their Twitter handles are virtually identical, despite their diverse names and photos: for example, there are Mary DeBoos (@deecohunk0106), Sergio Andres (@deecohunk0105), Tiffany Stone (@deecohunk0104), Quy Sin (@deecohunk0102), Osmany Adrian (@deecohunk0100), Mukhtar Bako (@deecohunk0099), Nick Afriza (@deecohunk0098), et cetera, ad infinitum.

Quinn’s campaign didn’t deny that they are dummy follows, but her campaign spokesman did deny having anything to do with it:

Every once in a while the “Dummy Twitter Follow Fairy” just gets in an unsolicited charitable mood.