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NJ Senator Robert Menendez continues to have a very very VERY bad week

It's hard to overstate what a catastrophically bad week New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez has had. It seems like only yesterday that we learned he was under a federal investigation for corruption, probably because it was only yesterday that we learned he was under federal investigation. For an excellent roundup of the revelation and the known accusations against Menendez, you can read Ungrateful Calvin's excellent write-up on the topic here.


Now we learn that not only is Menendez under investigation, but the investigation must have been going on for some time because the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York has announced they're prepared to unseal an indictment against Menendez and his wife Nadine at 11:00 AM today.

Menendez is a living counter-argument to the oft-cited claim by Democratic Party activists that Democrats 'hold their own accountable', as he has had a long career of blatant public corruption and grift but has never been penalized by his party in any way, shape, or form outside of some vague hand waving and gentle slaps on the wrist. The fact that we first learned of this investigation the day before they were prepared to unseal an indictment against the senator is yet another sign of how coddled those in power in the Democratic Party often are by the political and legal establishment in their own party.


The facts being revealed about the fruits of the investigation by Federal Prosecutors are so shocking, however, that it's hard to imagine anyone being able to mount a serious defense of Menendez's corruption, on a moral or a legal basis.

Who doesn't have a spare couple hundred thousand bucks stuffed in a sock drawer in their bedroom?

Everyone is shocked, SHOCKED to find public corruption of course, and in New Jersey of all places! Who'd have thought?!

Obviously, Menendez is innocent until proven guilty by a court of his peers, but so much smoke has billowed around the New Jersey senator for so very long that eventually, someone was going to spot the actual fire.


Menendez is up for reelection next year so this may jeopardize his chances, but don't count on it. It's New Jersey after all, what are they gonna do if he runs again? Vote REPUBLICAN? Democrats like to call themselves the party of 'Rule of Law' when they go after former President Trump, but that all goes out the window when one of their own develops a public corruption stink of their own. Still, this is a bad look so who knows?

Anything is possible.


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