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Andrew Wortman doubles down on lie about 'Republicans BURNING BOOKS!' after getting Community Noted


In the wee hours of yesterday morning, Andrew Wortman, Leftist influencer and card-carrying member of 'The Resistance', got all in a tizzy over a video depicting what Wortman claimed was 'Republican lawmakers using FLAMETHROWERS to incinerate HISTORY TEXTBOOKS'!!!


Oh, the humanity! It's like Fahrenheit 451 in Missouri! Except ... it's not.

Snopes isn't exactly known for its Republican-friendly leanings so when they're forced to bestir themselves and slap you down with a 'miscaptioned' label on a claim made about Republicans you know the tweet was a doozy of a whopper.

Once a Community Note was slapped on Wortman's original tweet directing readers to the Snopes article debunking his initial claim, Wortman of course deleted his tweet and posted a retraction and apology for having misled his followers.

Ahahahaha, just kidding. Instead, he doubled down.


The man is a mind reader! It's remarkable! 

You see although his claim had been debunked by Snopes citing participants in the event the video was taken from, the claim is still valid because really it's the sort of thing Republicans WANT to do so his post was spiritually factual if not ... actually factual. 

Great reasoning. 

But don't expect a retraction from Wortman anytime soon, many of his fans are A-Okay with this sort of thing because they can see the darkness that lurks in the hearts of (Republican) men.


We won't hold our breath for the 'misinformation police' organizations to step in and scold Wortman. Somehow it's not misinformation when people like Wortman do this sort of thing, presumably because he 'started an important conversation' or some such claptrap.


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