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Paragon of morality Howard Stern weighs in on Lauren Boebert, calls her a 'disgrace to this country'

No one can deny Howard Stern has always been a shining example of morality, having spent his decades in the limelight upholding a strict moral code in keeping with Judeo-Christian values.


Oh, whoops, that's someone else. Let's try again.

Howard Stern, a so-called 'Shock Jock' extraordinaire who is famed largely for the boundary-pushing and vulgarity of the various iterations of his shows on radio and television over the years has it seems found something that is too distasteful even for him: Representative Lauren Boebert's behavior in a production of 'Beetlejuice: The Musical.'

Clutch those pearls, Howie.

"Lauren Boebert is a disgrace to this country! Forget the politics. 

She’s in a t*tty dress. She’s with some dude. Looks like she’s obviously vaping, 

but also looks like she might be grabbing his p*nis during Beetlejuice."

Having naked women in his booth regularly is okay, playing lewd sounds constantly is just fine, and even having various celebrities grope and fondle nude men and women on camera is completely appropriate but having your boyfriend get handsy with you in a theatre is a bridge too far for Stern.


Regardless of your feelings regarding Rep. Boebert and the circumstances around her ... experience at the theater, we can all agree that if someone is going to criticize the public behavior of another person, Stern is not the one to be doing it. If you look up the dictionary definition of 'imperfect messenger,' Stern's picture might as well be in the article after this take.



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