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'Was the plane powered by unicorn dust?': Oops ... Just Stop Oil activist spotted on airplane


The funniest thing about leftwing activism is how ridiculously impractical it almost always is. They love protesting things in theory but in practice?


Can you imagine!

They probably believe in their cause, but sometimes you just gotta fly.


New technology is being developed all the time. WHAT DOES THE MILITARY HAVE?

Everyone needs some time off.

Traveling the planet to save the planet is not an easy job.

The simulation is very selective.


Thank goodness.

Obviously, the moral of the story is a person can't manage in modern life without fossil fuels. Environmental activism has its place, but leftism just can't manage to grasp how ridiculous their demands usually are. When they glue themselves to roads and block traffic or destroy fine art for their message, they're always shaming and inconveniencing other people.

Sometimes it's important to remind them how absurd their own arguments are.


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