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'I'm surprised this doesn't happen more often,': YouTube prank goes wrong and people have opinions


For many YouTubers out there, content is all that matters, and they'll go so far as to stalk, harass and intimidate random people to get it. One such YouTuber messed with the wrong person and got shot. A jury found the shooter not guilty.


People have opinions.

Despite Tanner Cook, the Youtuber in question, clearly harassing the man, his father blamed it on SNL and mob rule.

He lamented to local news, "So is it open season on YouTubers even if they don't touch or talk to you," he said. "It's cool to just shoot them no matter what the facts are?" 

Uh, no.

Did he not watch the same video everyone else saw?


Most people understand you shouldn't walk up to strangers and start badgering them on camera.


YouTube, of course, incentivizes this behavior. Tanner is making $3,000 a month according to the local news report. Sadly, this seems to have given the young man a sense of entitlement to use any random stranger he meets as a prop for views.

It's not all good news. Colie was found guilty of firing a gun in a mall and will face sentencing. At least he wasn't found guilty of defending himself directly.

Maybe people who decide to harass others for fun, activism or profit will think twice in the future.


Moral of the story, don't harass others for your YouTube channel.


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