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'We all have the unalienable right to chill': Nina Turner's profound insight into rights backfires AGAIN


It is a pretty common joke that whatever the left likes they demand as human rights, but Nina Turner takes it a bit too seriously. Even for a progressive, her bold declarations are embarrassing.


Um ... Ok.

Is there more to that statement? Are people being chained to their desks, kept awake for endless shifts with cattle prods?

What are we missing here?

Nina may never sleep, spending all of her time posting nonsense on X, but most people manage to enjoy at least some time off from work.


Really, what isn't a human right?

There is a clear assumption this concept of 'rest' also involves being paid, right?

Again, not entirely sure who she is protesting for here.

Breaks are pretty universal and carefully enforced.

Guess what doesn't need rest, Nina?


Don't we all.

Progressives always think they're the first to come up with these revolutionary ideas and anyone who stands in their way must be evil incarnate! Who could possibly disagree that people need rest of all things? Exactly, Nina. No one. But remember, when they declare something a 'human right,' what they mean is 'government enforced at your expense.'

Go take a nap, Nina.

You earned it.


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