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'Lawsuit incoming': David Hogg's excitement over CA's newest 'gun safety' law may be premature

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

California's Governor Newsom has been a busy bee signing new laws that are just making the left squeal with excitement. One said law, AB28, among other things, adds an 11% sales tax to firearms and David Hogg simply cannot be contained.


Only one problem, it might be a bit too soon to celebrate.

Can this law really withstand judicial scrutiny?


Not that the law would do anything but annoy lawful gun owners anyway.


The left really cannot grasp that making rights more tedious for those who follow the law will not stop crime.

Congrats everyone!


Hogg and others like him really do seem to believe if they can just craft the right set of laws to make gun ownership more difficult, uncomfortable and expensive, they will somehow stop gun violence. It doesn't make sense to us either, but that's what they believe!

Let him have his moment, though.

The courts will crush his dreams soon enough.


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