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'Only men have prostates': Chaya Raichik schools cancer education and advocacy org on sex differences

Meme screenshot

The Marie Keating Foundation, in Dublin, Ireland, does excellent work helping spread awareness on various kinds of cancers. 

Their website states:

'Following their mother Marie’s death from breast cancer in 1998, the Keating family promised to provide the people of Ireland with vital information, advice and support on the signs and symptoms of cancer and help to prevent cancer or detect it at its earliest stages.'


So why are they spreading this kind of ridiculous nonsense?

This really shouldn't need to be said to an established cancer awareness organization. But here we are.

Maybe they aren't as interested in science lessons as you'd think.

It's true. What makes sense at all these days?

Science is always evolving?

Not a good sign for a medical awareness org.


But those people shouldn't be educating others on medical awareness.

If their goal is to educate, shouldn't they make it as simple as possible?

The basics.


An actually effective awareness campaign.

It is always sad to see good organizations taken over by woke ideological nonsense. It's apparently more important to cater to the woke mob than to provide accurate and useful medical awareness information that could save lives! Worse, they KNOW what they are doing and have simply turned off replies.

Just like all medical institutions do when faced with challenges to their orthodoxy.

Oh, wait.


That's a religion.


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