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It's just a kid's mural, what's the ... HOLY WHAT IS THAT THING?! NBC News downplays creepy LGBTQ mural

Jackie Chan Meme

Kid's murals are a particular kind of adorable. It's always wonderful when a talented and creative child or group of kids is given artistic freedom to paint a huge, colorful, and fun story to share with their peers. Who could possibly object to such a thing? Perhaps parents and a Michigan school board simply went, well, overboard on one mural in particular.


Some details:

'A high schooler in Grant, Michigan, painted the mural inside of a student health center at Grant Middle School after she won a student art contest.'

Oh, well that was nice! How thoughtful, to brighten the day of sick kids who...

Wait, on closer look, there does seem to be something a bit odd.


Is that a bunny dressed as a nurse giving a child wearing a trans flag shirt an injection? Also, a flying Santa pig in a mask with a GIANT needle filled with some black substance hovering over another bunny nurse? What is going on here?!?

Maybe there is a good reason parents have been expressing concern for over a year about this mural, made by a high schooler, on display for middle school kids.

Not everyone agrees.


Talk about confirmation bias. Also, part of the argument is there isn't any LGBTQ imagery so...which is it?

Well, every character in the mural has obvious LGBTQ symbolism and the mural clearly promotes transgender transition, and this is a middle school after all. Maybe parents aren't being so unreasonable?

Maybe COVID furries injecting kids with trans hormones should not be reintroduced?


Parental voices definitely matter in these situations as it's obvious school officials cannot be trusted.

With more than a dozen versions of 'good' in the replies and a lot of clapping, it seems most people agree this was probably not a great idea for a middle school mural.

'At the school board meeting last October, Evelyn Gonzales, the Grant High School student who painted the mural, said through tears that she created it “to make people feel welcome.”'

See, this is part of the problem. The high school student, 16, thought the only way to make middle school kids feel welcome was by promoting specific LGBTQ propaganda. LGBTQ activists are more enthusiastically evangelical than any religion on the planet. No school officials thought a kid in the Superman flex pose getting a jab from the trans bunny was a problem.



Stay active parents.

It's obvious schools have absolutely zero common sense when it comes to feelings and idealistic views on 'inclusion.'


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