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'YOU are the problems everyday Americans face': Hakeem Jeffries reminds us why we DON'T want his help

Far too many Democrats think their job is to boldly march to Washington and save Americans from themselves. Of course, their egos and ideology get in the way of listening to said Americans who keep telling them to stop!


Democratic Rep. Hakeem Jeffries certainly felt heroic declaring his duty to solving the problems of everyday Americans. He wasn't expecting those everyday Americans to slam the door in his face.

Sing it, sister!

The government rarely 'helps' anyone.

It's true. Maybe Jeffries and his Democratic friends have good intentions, but their results are not working. They're making things worse actually.


Don't sugarcoat it!

We don't know what difference he's trying to make, but please stop.

If we're being honest ... would Americans even notice if Congress just wasn't there?

What are your priorities, Congressman?

Truthfully, you guys have done enough.


Looks like even Democrats are losing faith ...

Whatever you're selling, we have plenty. You've done enough, Congressman, go home. We can manage much better WITHOUT your help, thanks.


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