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'Don’t look away. They are coming for our democracy.' Missouri GOP burn boxes and the Left loses it


Out of a Handmaid's Tale fever dream, Lefties on X are having a collective meltdown over a video, with over 10 million views, of Missouri Republicans using flamethrowers to torch BOOKS! Well, empty boxes, but they are PRETENDING TO BURN BOOKS!


Let's follow the narrative trail.

First, Joe My God posted that something called Political Hotwire reported which relies on the below post.

'Sens. William Eigel and Nick Schroer, who each represent St. Louis exurbs that are increasingly ruby red, decide to hold this book burning.

Only they are now clarifying it’s not an actual book burning, since they’d have to purchase the books in question and they don’t want to do that, and yeah maybe they don’t want to be portrayed as doing exactly what the Nazis did either. So much so that, despite earlier declaring that this is a matter of destroying “naughty books” in effigy, they are now apparently saying that the burn is of the vague “liberal agenda.” Whatever that means..'

Then, 10 million views and dozens upon dozens of repeat posts later ...

The hysteria is spreading quickly like a fire one might say, as the Left suddenly pretends to care about 'banning' books.


The darkness is coming ... for your empty boxes.

Ok ... that one was weird, but let's move on ...



Well, the imaginary books in the empty boxes are supposed to represent extreme, sexualized LGBTQ books the left has been obsessively pushing onto kids but...


To be fair to the flailing hordes, yeah, it's probably not the best idea for elected officials to pretend to burn books out in public. Optics and all that. But again, no actual books were burned, it seems. Just as no actual books have been banned.


The left sure can get themselves into a frothy mess of anxiety and terror over absolutely nothing, can't they?

Even if they WERE burning books, which they are not, let's be clear.

We're going to have to hear about Republicans literally burning books forever now, aren't we?

Thanks, Missouri GOP.

Thanks for that.


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