Yes, he’s back. Disgraced U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner has turned into a “Supreme Court pundit” for a day.

For some reason, POLITICO contacted Weiner this week to comment in advance of the ruling.

Weiner said the Democrats didn’t have a cohesive enough defense strategy in the run up to the 2010 elections or as challenges made their way through the court system. He said it was clear to him early on that the Supreme Court would strike down the law on political grounds.

“I always assumed this was a Bush v Gore, this is a Citizens United,” he said.

“We didn’t give a lot of air cover to the people who did hang in there and fight. In that awful August of 2009, I thought the only way to fight things is to run into the heat of it. I got my butt handed to me a lot of time. But there was a sense among the Democrats to just hang on and weather things, and that same philosophy applied to the court. There was no real run up strategy.”

The funnies are flying on Twitter this evening as Weiner reappears on the social network that caused his downfall.

Isn’t it odd that Anthony Weiner always seems to insert himself into our lives when we least want to him to?