NBC News’ Luke Russert seemed to fire up a connection between the contempt vote against Attorney General Holder and the National Rifle Association when he directed his Twitter followers to this Christian Science Monitor article.

Wait, the NRA is going to hold lawmakers’ feet to the fire on a contempt of Congress vote? What gives?

Running underneath the to-and-fro allegations over Operation Fast and Furious – which began in 2009 when federal agents allowed guns to “walk” into Mexico in order to trace where they ended up and that came to a head when guns from the scheme were linked to the death of an American border agent – is an entirely different discussion: American gun rights.

The NRA and Rep. Darrell Issa (R) of California, chairman of the House Government Oversight Committee, both believe the government has tried to use the Fast and Furious scandal to support arguments for more gun control.

It’s true; the NRA is pushing Members to vote “YES” on the contempt measure.

But the Left quickly jumped to attack their favorite boogeyman and now “NRA” is trending on Twitter. The lapdog media are now trying to blame the NRA, saying the organization is “forcing” Democratic House members to vote in favor of contempt.

As if on cue, MSNBC’s Ed Schultz has now become one of the chief cheerleaders of the NRA-Holder story.

And the leftists on Twitter are following close behind:



Democratic House members are also carrying the anti-NRA water this evening.

Many conservatives on Twitter are calling a foul, thinking it simply a preemptive excuse that Democrats are using to hide behind their anticipated votes against the attorney general.


It is worth noting that had the Department of Justice released all of the documents surrounding the Fast and Furious operation and its aftermath, there would be no need for a contempt vote.  The truth is what is being sought in this matter, but the media simply want to shift the blame and the NRA is a convenient target.